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Elementary Curriculum and Instruction 

The goal of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction is to design and implement curriculum and instructional methods to meet the individual needs and nurture a love for learning in students grades kindergarten through six.



December 2011
Featured Article: Curbing the Health Effects of Too Much Media
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids spend more than six hours a day consuming media, sometimes more than one form of media at the same time. That means more than a quarter of your average student’s day is spent watching TV, listening to music, using the computer and playing video games.
We've created a number of resources to help you educate your students about the harmful impact of all that media on their developing brains.  
  • Read this month's teacher newsletter to learn more about the health issues raised by consumption of too much media and how to curb the impact of messaging about nutrition, drug and alcohol use and sexual behaviors. 
  • Download the special “Too Much Media” edition of the Parent and Family Newsletter, which is included in this email. Send it home to your students' families. 
  •  Use HealthTeacher's age-appropriate lesson plans listed below to teach your students about the need to turn off the TV, put away the video games and get outside, as well as about the harmful messages contained in media related to food and alcohol. Get the links to the lessons below.
Media Consumption Lesson Plans
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Parent Newsletter:
Too Much Media
Click on the .pdf links below for the Parent & Family Newsletter:
3 ways to get the newsletter to parents and families:
1) Have their email address? You can either download the PDFs and draft your own email or forward this one (see forward button above).
2) Print out the newsletter and include it in a student's homework folder.
3) Post the newsletter to your classroom webpage so parents and families can access the newsletters.

Questions About HealthTeacher?
Your Health Education Coordinator, Sarah Toth, is a ready resource to help increase and improve health education in your classroom. She is available to answer questions, conduct trainings and presentations, and assist with teaching lesson plans. Just call or email!
Sarah Toth
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