Limestone County Alternative Learning Programs

Meeting the Academic and Social/Emotional Needs of ALL Limestone County Students


Understanding that individual students have different strengths and needs, alternative learning programs have been developed to address the academic and social/emotional needs of those students who require additional support and/or different instructional methods in order to be successful.



School Based Programs

School based programs are designed to address the needs of students identified as being academically and/or behaviorally at-risk.  The programs provide support to students while allowing them to continue to develop a sense of "connectedness" to their home school.  These programs are designed to be relatively short term (one school year or less) and to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the regular classroom setting.

These programs include:

Read 180 - Serves middle school and 9th grade students who score at Level I or II on ARMT Reading through an elective course teaching reading skills. (Pilot)

ISS Behavioral Support Program - Serves ISS students through the use of "Ripple Effects", a computer based behavioral intervention program used to address social/emotional issues. (Pilot)

Bridge Program - Serves high risk middle school students by providing academic and social support through the use of the "Career Choices" curriculum in an elective class setting. (Pilot)

Career Academy Program (CAP) - provides repeating 9th grade students with the opportunity to participate in the Career Technical Center program through the use of flexible scheduling and credit recovery.




Off Site Programs

Limestone County has contracted with Ombudsman Educational Services to provide an off campus alternative learning site.  The programs offered at the Ombudsman Center are designed to address needs of students that cannot be met at the local school level.  These programs are generally longer in duration and often serve students until graduation.

These programs include:

Success Program - Provides students aged 16-21 who are planning to quit school with academic instruction in a non-school setting through the use of a computer based program and flexible scheduling.

Second Chance Program - Provides students aged 16-21 who have previously quit school with the academic coursework required for them to receive a diploma in a non-traditional classroom setting.

Mom's Program - Provides teen mothers with the opportunity to continue their education on a flexible schedule, allowing them to continue their education while handling their responsibilities at home.



The Limestone County School System believes that all students can learn and be contributing citizens.  The Limestone County Alternative Learning Programs facilitate this goal by providing the instruction and support needed by at-risk students to complete the work necessary to receive a high school diploma in the most supportive, least restrictive environment possible.



No person shall be denied employment, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination
in any program or activity, on the basis of sex, race, religion, belief, national origin, ethnic group, or handicapping condition.