Secondary Curriculum

The Curriculum and Instruction Department provides structure and support for local schools to provide high quality educational experiences for all students. Through the selection of resources, participation in initiatives, and coordination of professional training, this department actively seeks to provide opportunities for students to thrive in a variety of educational endeavors. While local schools have the ability to customize programs to meet the needs of their individual students, this district-level department strives to provide consistency in instruction and resources throughout the entire district.  

Students are formally assessed throughout grades 6-12 as required by the Alabama State Department of Education.  Students in grade 12 take ACT WorkKeys, and successful scores of "Silver" and above are recognized by local employers for competitive employment.  Students in grade 11 take the ACT with Writing, a test that predicts students' success in credit-earning college courses and is tied to many scholarship opportunities.  Students in grades 6-8 take ACAP Summative assessment, a state-created grade level test that assess students based on appropriate grade level content.  Other assessments used at our schools include the PSAT and  Scantron Performance Series. While these assessments are not used for school accountability, both provide useful information on students' progress and help guide instructional decisions.  






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