Substitute Employment

Steps to substitute teacher status:

  • Complete the Substitute Application Packet located located under Substitute Forms below. 
  • Return the completed packet, along with all necessary supporting documents to the Central Office located at 300 South Jefferson Street, Athens, AL. (Incomplete application will not be accepted).
  • Once your substitute application is complete and has been process, you will be notified as to which ay of substitute training you should attend. This training is mandatory.


Things to know:

  • Pay rate of $55.00 per day for non-certified and $70.00 per day for certified
  • You can choose which day you work and which days you don't
  • You can choose at which school you work
  • Substituting can be for half day or full day, depending on the need
  • Training to prepare you for working in a school setting
  • Hours are typically 7:30 to 3:15