Career Tech receives shell body from Mazda Toyota

CTC donation

For students in Mike Raney’s collision repair class at the Limestone County Career Technical Center, Christmas came a few months early this year.
Thanks to a generous donation from Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, Raney’s class now has the shell body of the newly released Toyota Corolla Cross to use as a learning tool in the classroom. The company rolled its first one off the production line earlier this month.
“This is a thrill to get this,” Raney said. “I’ve never had a car that has been completely disassembled before, so now I can take this and do all sorts of things with it. It’s beyond exciting.”
The Corolla Cross, features a L4 cylinder engine, turbocharged direct injection fuel system, and comes as a front-wheel drive vehicle or an all-wheel drive vehicle. Combined, the vehicle boasts an average 36.2 miles per gallon fuel economy.
“Mazda Toyota Manufacturing values our partnership with the Limestone County Career Technical Center, and we were thrilled to be able to provide a Corolla Cross shell body to help students with hands-on learning,” said Mark Brazeal, VP of Administration for Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.
The partnership between the two entities began back in 2019 when company officials with Mazda Toyota approached school leaders about developing a paint color and painting vehicle bodies for their Assessment Center. Those vehicle bodies are now used as an interview tool for potential employees of the assembly plant.
Brazeal said he and others with the company were grateful for the work the students provided.
“We wanted to show our gratitude for their contribution, and the donation of the Corolla Cross shell body was the perfect way to do that.”
Raney already has a list of things he and his class plan to do with the shell body. He said one of those is blending.
“We will take that color, sand it, and try to match it,” he said.
Vince Green, who serves as Director of the Limestone County Career Technical Center, noted that a number of Raney’s previous students are now employed with Mazda Toyota, and credits the strong partnership for it.
“It has been a win-win for everybody,” Green said.
Mazda Toyota donation