Tanner High School recognized as Nationally Certified STEM campus


ATHENS, Alabama, August 19,2022 ---  The Tanner High School gym was buzzing with excitement Friday morning.

Music from the Rattler band echoed through the building while cheerleaders and students danced along. This time, it wasn’t an athletic event being celebrated though. Instead, it was academics. 

After a lengthy, year-long process, Tanner High School is now a STEM Certified School with the National Institute for STEM Education. They are the first in the Limestone County School District. Representatives from the national organization were on hand at the celebration Friday to present Principal Debbie Kenyon with a banner and an award.

“We are very proud of this,” Kenyon said. “We’ve really been working hard to increase the number of AP and dual enrollment classes. We want to make sure we’re giving the students the best opportunities we can, and this is just another step in doing that.”

The process to earn certification began at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Each week, Kenyon and the school’s advisory committee met to make sure they were on the right track to achieving their final goal. It didn’t come easy, or without challenges, but with perseverance, they were able to do it.

“The students are the reason we do what we do,” Kenyon said. “We want them to have every opportunity possible so they can reach their dreams and goals in life.”

Limestone County Schools Superintendent Dr. Randy Shearouse commended Kenyon and her staff for the hard work and dedication for making it happen.

“STEM is such an important area, and to have this focus at Tanner High School is excellent,” Shearouse said. 

In addition to the school, five Tanner High teachers were also recognized for becoming STEM Certified Teachers. They are: Christy Leopard, Eldred Pierce, Stephen Mercier, Daniel Smith, and Lydia Maldonado Vazquez.