Student Device Overview

Limestone County Schools leverage technology and digital resources to ensure that students are immersed in personalized, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences that prepare them for college and career success. An age-appropriate device is available for each student to use at school.

Kindergarten and first-grade classes use iPads to support and enhance instruction. The simple, intuitive interface of an iPad allows young students to undertake tasks independently. Direct interaction with content on iPad is highly engaging for primary learners. The built-in features, along with access to a wide array of educational applications, are valuable tools for supporting young learners. Early elementary programs provide rich learning opportunities that develop physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language abilities. iPads can be used to enhance current classroom strategies.

Second-grade classes provide touchscreen Chromebooks for students to use in the classroom. These devices can be used in tablet mode to support the transition from iPads to traditional laptops, or function as a traditional laptop using the keyboard and trackpad for input and navigation.

Students in grades three through five are provided with a traditional Chromebook for use in the classroom.

Students in grades six through twelve are issued a Chromebook to use both at school and for home use.